Accumulator is a:
supply filter processor registry aloader program
 ||| Applet is an:
integrated circuit computer program database management system
ARJ is an:
archive graphics music format
 ||| Backteria is a:
antivirus that absorbs resources sorting program
Baud is:
1 bit/sec 2 bits/sec 100 bits/sec
 ||| CPU is:
type of memory central unit controller
Disk cylinder is a:
head gap sectors collection paths collection
 ||| Dibit is a combination of:
2 bits 2 bytes 2 kilobytes
Ethernet is a standard for:
file transfer wide area network local network
 ||| Label is the symbolic address of an:
instruction memory cell message
FAT is a table of:
memory address files allocation folder addresses
 ||| LOGO is the:
programming language user interface type of printing
Mandriva is a:
Linux distribution computer name network type
 ||| Hypertext is a:
formatted text with links with graphics
Interpreter is a program that:
copies analyzes prints the code
 ||| Iteration is:
indexing an array repeating connections repeating instructions
Joystick is a kind of:
computer mouse manipulator connecting cable
 ||| Kermit is a:
transmission protocol computer virus memory unit
Key is a:
record field password method of opening a file
 ||| Tracball is an:
upside-down mouse paper tray keyboard type
Relocation is the:
transmission of data transmission of a file shift of a program
 ||| LPT is a:
serial parallel digital port
Console is a
gaming machine computer keyboard command line
 ||| OCR is a:
scanning print recognition error detection program
The @ character is a symbol:
for readdressing end of line acknowledgement
 ||| Decrementing means:
increasing decreasing reversing the number
The number of hexadecimal 12 is decimal:
34 18 14
 ||| The number of 12 octal systems is decimal:
14 10 18
Special character of code 7 indicates a:
new line end of text sound
 ||| X-Windows is a:
type of system computer company name graphical interface
WORM is a:
computer game optical disk class virtual memory
 ||| WAP is:
artificial intelligence wide area network internet protocol
Bool type is a:
numeric logical character type
 ||| UPS is a:
solar battery transformer power supply
The Horner diagram is an algorithm for:
geometric figur polynomials irrational numbers
 ||| The Eratosthenes sieve is an algorithm for:
surface solids linear equations prime numbers
Swarm Algorithm is an algorithm for:
building a stack power of sets graphs
 ||| Perl is an:
interpreted compiled assembled language
Delphi's internal language is :
Java Pascal C++
 ||| The numeric code of the letter 'A'
in the ASCII set is:

56 66 65
Which extension defines the image file?
.png .pas .wav
 ||| Which extension defines the text file?
.bin .bat .bmp
In which of the languages instructions
do not end with a semicolon?

C++ PHP Basic
 ||| DoS is a type of:
network attack operating system data compression
MAC is the address of:
memory network card system variables
 ||| The former computer name is a:
computing digital calculating machine
Plug-in is a :
virus update modification
 ||| Selecting only one option realizes:
CheckBox ListBox RadioButton
Validator is a program for:
checking the program code number of instructions memory size
 ||| Algorithm specification is:
the mode of operation data and results with a description
block diagram
The complexity of an algorithm is:
the number of basic instructions the operating time memory consumption
 ||| Concatenation is an operation that merges :
subprograms texts instructions
"Word" declaration in Pascal means a:
word number function
 ||| After subtracting the binary numbers 11111111-1
we obtain:

254 255 256
Streamer is a device for:
printing connecting a disk archiving data
 ||| Termination of a service with error informs the following message:
Abort Ignore Fail
Permanent computer memory is:
 ||| How many bits is an IP address?
16 32 12
Which language is closest to the machine code?
Basic Asembler Fortran
 ||| Newspaper editing programs is:
Kerning is a:
font adjustment method typeface jump instruction
 ||| Which format does not specify vector graphics?
Alias is a:
copy of a file web address label
 ||| The Unicode encoding system is an extension of the set:
The program running in secret in Unix systems is:
spyware demon des
 ||| The code page for writing Polish characters is:
ISO 8859-1 ISO 8859-2 ISO 8859-3