abs()    absolute value
   ceil()    rounding up of the float number
   floor()    rounding down of the float number
   round()    mathematical rounding
   pow()    exponentiation
   sqrt()    square root
   sin()    sine
   cos()    cosine
   tan()    tangent
   radians()    conversion of steps to radians
   degres()    conversion of radians to steps
   exp()    the power of the number e
   log()    natural logarithm
(in order to calculate a logarithm based on 'p', a log(x)/log(p) transformation should be used log(x)/log(p))
   PI    - number π
   //    one line comment
   /*    multi-line comments
   multi-line comments
   multi-line comments*/


   ==    equal
   <    less
   >    greater
   <=    less than or equal
   >=    greater than or equal
   !=    not equal


   !    negation (not)
   &&    conjunction (and)
   ||    alternative (or)