Linux - the operating system modelled on Unix, or more precisely the kernel on which GNU/Linux is based. The Linux kernel was created by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish programmer in 1991.Linux source code is freely available and can be modified, which is also the reason for the huge number of Linux distributions. One of the first versions was Slockware Linux and Debian. Linux is a multi-tasking system that allows multiple users to work simultaneously. To work with the system support is used interpreter, otherwise known as shell, bash. Linux is commonly used as a network server operating system. The Android system with Linux kernel is currently widely used in all mobile devices.

The official Linux logo is the Tux penguin (from Torvald's Unix).


Gnome - GNU Network Object Model Environment, system-based X Window
Cinnamon - a library-based environment GTK
KDE – Kool Desktop Environment, uses libraries Qt
XFCE - XForms Common Environment, uses library GTK
LXDE - Lightweight X Desktop Environment, written in the language C
XFCE - X Freakin Cool Environment, the configuration files are written in XML


Calligra, Gnome Office, Libre Office, Open Office, Red Office


GIMP, XnView, WiFi Radar, Kooka, Xpdf, Skype, Wine


Calligra, Gnome Office, Libre Office, Open Office, Red Office


↑   Linux is a stable and unreliable system. It does not require high parameters The computer has low hardware requirements.

↑   Linux is available completely free of charge and does not require any license. Its source code is also available.

↑   It is a multi-tasking and multi-access system.

↑   Almost all programs for Linux, with a few exceptions, especially when it comes to games, they are also free of charge.

↑   Linux provides full control over the system and software.

↑   It is a safe and very resistant to viruses, which until 2018 There was practically no such system at all. In principle, with a good configuration system and taking care of granting proper privileges to the installed Linux applications does not need any antivirus software.

↓   As far as flaws are concerned, users mention here the difficulty in configuring and operation of the system.

↓   There is also a lack of uniform technical assistance due to the existence of hundreds of distributions. In case of problems, especially during software installation which requires various additional ingredients, it is difficult to find on the Internet the right advice.

↓   Linux is still not very popular in home applications. It is not rather a system for computer players, because there are no versions of good games, such as those of most popular for


   Paint  -  KolourPaint
   Word  -  Writer
   Excel  -  Calc
   Access  -  Base
   Media Player  -  VLC
   Nero Burning  -  K3b
   Photoshop  -  Gimp
   Delphi  -  Lazarus