Lazarus - an integrated development environment based on the Free Pascal Compiler. This is Delphi-like visual environment with the Lazarus Component library. Library (LCL), which is equivalent to VCL. The internal language of Lazarus is Object Pascal.

Many users claim that despite some problems with compilation of Lazarus surpasses Delphi. It has components for SQL, SDF and DBF databases, a great TSynEdit component that supports syntax backlighting, as well as the ability to export source code to html format. Some components have even more capabilities than Delphi. Written program in Lazarus, you can compile for any processor and operating system (Windows, Linux, MacOS). Lazarus is one of the few tools to create personal digital assistant (PDA) programs. Lazarus is licensed under the GNU/GPL license and is completely free of charge.

Components will also be called objects. Giving them appropriate properties and events assigned to them allows you to create complex applications. Standard objects are TBitmap, TBrush, TCanvas, TFont, TList, TPen, TPicture, Tprinter, TStrings.

The basis of the created project is the Form on which the components are placed. The form window then becomes the window of the running program. A very useful tool in constructing a project is the Inspector of objects. In addition to standard operations "Properties" and "Events", the Lazarus Object Inspector