+    addition
   -    subtraction
   *    multiplication
   /    division
   %    rest of integer division
   + +    incrementation
   - -    decrementation

Any power, and thus the element of any degree can be calculated using the function of pow.
   25 = pow(2, 5);


    short int    - integer numbers 0-255
    int    - integer numbers -32768-32767
    long int    - integer numbers -2147483648-2147483647
    float    - float numbers 3.4E-38-3.4E+38
    double    - float numbers 1.7E-308-1.7E+308
    long double    - float numbers 3.4E-4932-3.4E+4932

SELECTED FUNCTIONS (cmath, math.h)

   abs    absolute value
   fabs    absolute value of the float number
   ceil    rounding up the number
   floor    rounding down the number
   round    natural rounding the number
   fmod    rest of the division for real numbers
   modf    divides the actual number into a whole part and a fractional part
   pow    power of numbers
   sqrt    square root
   exp    expotencial function
   cos    cosine
   sin    sine
   tan    tangent
   sinh    hiperbolic sine
   cosh    hiperbolic cosine
   log    natural logarithm
   log10    decimal logarithm
   log2    binary logarithm